As we roll into spring and hopefully the post-pandemic world, many industries are trying to recover. Real estate is one thing that has not only survived through COVID; it actually thrived, especially in the Charleston area. Currently, we continue to experience historically low inventory, and when you combine that with ongoing low interest rates, that is a recipe for a seller’s market. These days, people are turning to the internet long before they call a realtor for help. This means your home’s internet presence means more than ever. If a potential homebuyer rules you out, they may be very reluctant to rule you back in. First impressions are everything. These are four fabulous tips to showcase your home in the best light to help you get your home sold fast and for the asking price!

Creating “Space”

When it comes to photography, different angles can either make a space look intimate or spacious. People want to feel like they are walking into your home online, so it is all about seeing the entire picture. When possible, panoramic and 360 views are an excellent way to captivate your audience and get your home on their “must-see” list. Various lenses and good ideas are critical to the process. And so is finding a photographer who is willing to play around with different images to get your home in the best view.

Staging for Placement

Statistics tell us that homes that are staged sell significantly faster than those that are not. And they sell for closer to the asking price. Staging is all about moving and arranging furniture to create an open look. A professional stager will understand how to best arrange your home’s items to present a blank canvas for homeowners to paint in their minds. Less is usually more for photos, and so is room flow. All of those professional principles will really come in handy at your pre-staging shoot and help to make your home competitive.

Adding Fresh Accents

As spring approaches, there is a lightness in the air that people would like to have in the interiors of their homes. Stagers are experts at creating a focal point in a room or space that will make it come alive and be more engaging. Adding bright colors with accents will make your lackluster furniture look trendy and lively. And since it is all about placement, a professional stager will understand how to place things appropriately to pull the eye to the things that you really want to highlight.

It is All in the Lighting

Potential homeowners want to move into a home that is welcoming and bright. Every room will have a vantage point; the key is to find it and make the most of it. A stager will know how to make your home look fresh through the use of both natural and artificial light. Also, showcasing the outdoors is becoming more important. People enjoy additional outdoor entertaining spaces. Patio furniture, a fire pit, and some throw pillows will make any outdoor area look like an extension of the indoors. The best part is, you don’t have to invest in patio furniture that you will have to move or sell when your house is purchased; the stager just comes back to pick it up with no hassle for you.

The spring market is almost in full swing. If you are considering selling your home, now is the perfect time. If you don’t sell it now, there is no way to know what the real estate market will do over the next year, and spring is almost always a busier time than any other season. At Lowcountry Staging Specialists, we understand that one of the most critical parts of staging is done before your home is even listed. The pre-stage photos can make or break your listing, so make sure they are the best possible views of your home by letting us use our expertise to get your home sold in 2022!