Once a homeowner decides to sell their home, they understand photos of it will inevitably end up all over the internet so a buyer can find the property’s being sold. Taking the effort to prepare your home for its online presence is a crucial step that should never be skipped, as it can make a lot of difference and could be the major marketing point in selling a home.

The first thing potential buyers will see is your photos. A potential buyer will either stop scrolling after seeing the photos and decide to click on your listing, or they will look away never to come back to it. Buyers can make decisions rather quickly when looking at houses online or in the estate agent’s particulars, so these photos must be very detailed and show the major aspects of the property. If you want to make the most out of your online listing, there are some techniques you must follow before taking the perfect shots, such as Photo Prepping, which is in simple words, getting your house ready for the online presence.
How Does Photo Prepping Work?
Photo prepping is all about looking at the property as a buyer would. Professionals often do a 60-90 minute walkthrough using “buyers’ eyes” to build and plan a strategy for successfully staging the home for the photoshoot. The secret to this walkthrough is gaining a feel for the areas as a whole, its vibes, and the environment and understanding how a buyer would react to them.

The Walkthrough

The walkthrough has many components. It’s important to take note of the furnishings and accessories that are placed in each room to build a plan for how they can be used throughout the property, or if they should be stored away. Examining each room like a prospective buyer is the key to this process.

Professional home stagers actually use a specific plan to ensure every aspect and object is considered from the “buyer’s eyes” and a complete, appealing design of each space is brought to life.

Buyers looking at your listing won’t have the opportunity to actually walk through it when looking at the listing photos, so it’s important to move from room to room to get an idea of what a first impression would be for an outsider. Potential buyers will judge the spaces independently of each other just based on the photos, so continued consideration of the “first impressions” as you progress must be maintained.

Although it’s important to make use of your current furnishings, it might also be worth purchasing or finding a rental service to provide additional items to complement them. Professionals often work with a shopping service when this is needed to support the home seller in staging their home with new, attractive furnishings that will appeal to the majority of potential buyers.

The Importance of Taking The Perfect Photos
To create the best possible first impression, it’s crucial to make sure you have high-quality pictures because when it comes to real estate marketing, a picture really can be worth a thousand words. Your home needs to stand out from any other listings in your neighborhood by showcasing its best features.

One of the most frequent errors made by house sellers is ignoring the influence of high-quality images on purchasers, along with failing to tidy the home and perform the required repairs before a marketing shoot. In addition, taking the photos yourself is not advised.

Photos taken by an amateur can significantly lower the price of your property by thousands of dollars, and even cost you a sale. Someone who could have chosen to visit your house for a tour might not do so because the photos were dull and unconvincing simply due to lighting or angle issues that a professional would be able to identify and work around. Quality shots will get your house on more in-person viewing shortlists and help you achieve a better sale price.

Preparing for a shoot can be difficult, but the process can be made infinitely smoother and meet your goal to sell your home quicker and for more money. Lowcountry Staging Specialists has helped hundreds of sellers over our eight years in business to realize their goals. Our team of specialists has received accreditation, certification, and education in the strategic ideas and practices used in the staging industry. In South Carolina, our business employs the ONLY Master Level trained staging specialist who upholds the highest standards of excellence in our industry. If you want to sell your house faster and at the best price you can get, our photo prepping service will get you there.