As the real estate market continues its red-hot streak, now is an excellent time to list your home if you are even considering upgrading, downgrading, or trading in for like! Where once real estate agents were a potential homebuyer’s greatest resource, the internet has revolutionized the way that homebuyers look for their dream home. That is not to say that realtors aren’t still highly integral; it just means that the first impression homebuyers typically have is the photos they view via the web. That is why the quality of photo prep staging services has become the number one first priority when listing your home.

Staged Homes Sell Quicker and For More!

According to HomeAdvisor, staged homes spend an average of 33-50% less time sitting on the market. Once more, they typically command higher asking prices than those that are not staged. When home sellers think about staging, they typically envision someone coming in, removing their belongings, and exchanging for new. For some, that can be super overwhelming and a disruption they are not excited about. At Lowcountry Staging Specialists, we can work with our home seller’s furnishings, arranged and revamped, to turn their living spaces from tired to terrific!

Pre-List Photo Prep Staging Services are the Key!

Before homebuyers even consider calling a realtor, they typically head straight to the internet to view viable homes in their price range and desired area. Apps might differ according to how they classify and group for-sale homes, but the key component to them all is found in the imagery and photos. If your photos are drab, your home can be ruled out before it even has a chance to be considered. If you are going to invest in any tactics to get your home sold, the most essential one is found in photography for home staging!

Photography Can Only be Good As Its Subject

As with any photo shoot, the photographer will make an impact on the quality of the pictures taken, but they can only spotlight what is in front of them. Their talent can make things that might not be so fantastic look pretty amazing, but they can’t transform your spaces to be something they are not. The key to seller’s photos are found in the illusion of space and dimensions, so the placement, types of furniture, and the color scheme are all going to be highly critical to making a good first impression and ensuring that your home is on a potential homebuyer’s list to see in-person. After all, people rarely buy homes without seeing them themselves by walking through. Don’t take yourself out of the running before the race has begun.

We Work With You and What You Have

Moving your things out, finding a rental space, and disrupting your home by making it less than comfortable is not the ideal situation for some homeowners. For those who have not vacated their home yet, staging can seem like a hassle that might not seem worth it, especially when you have a daily routine and a busy family. At Lowcountry Staging Specialists, we see beauty in all things, which includes the furnishings that you already possess. In most instances, we can rearrange your home to make it look spectacular without much interruption and only the addition of accent pieces to make your belongings look trendy and new.

Who knows how long the red-hot real estate market will last in the Lowcountry. If there was ever a time to list, it is now – strike while the iron is hot! Our mission is to make your home come alive with excitement, create appealing dimensions for an amazing photoshoot, and cause the least amount of disruption possible by hiring us for your pre-list photo staging service. Contact us today to discuss how we can take your listed home from drab to dynamic and awesome today!