With the real estate market still going strong, many homeowners are considering the potential of listing their current homes and upgrading. But the harsh truth is that selling your home is not easy! It takes a lot of time, energy, and expertise to make your home competitive in the market. Staging is one of the best tools to not only sell your home quickly, but also to get close to – or even above – your asking price. Is home staging right for you?

What is Home Staging?

Home staging involves using a decorating expert who can transform your living spaces to be more welcoming for potential homebuyers. A home stager has training in both decorating and home selling, and their expertise can make the listing and selling of your home go much more smoothly and without all the hiccups that can otherwise occur.

Benefits of Staging Your Home for Sale

A lot of our clients ask us if home staging is really worth it. According to statistics, a home that is professionally staged not only sits on the market for less time than those that are not; they also command a higher price. These are just ten reasons why staging your home is a good idea.

More Money

According to the National Association of Realtors, when you invest in a professional stager, you pay about one to three percent of the asking price of your home, but the return is anywhere from about eight to ten percent.

Less Time on the Market

The National Association of Realtors concluded that the longer a home sits on the market, the less money you will get for it. If a home is sold within the first four weeks, it earns about 1% more than the price you list it at. If it sits for four to twelve weeks, you get about 5% less and if it isn’t sold within the first 24 weeks, you get about 10% less than your asking price.

Staging Costs Nothing

In 2011, a Home Gain Survey concluded that when a home is staged, the homeowner typically recoups over 399% of the money that you invest to stage.

Home Sellers are Not Objective!

A homeowner often can block out the imperfections of their home simply because they become accustomed to them. When you don’t view your home from a “buyer’s perspective,” then there is no way to objectively see the flaws and what needs to be done. A stager can come through your home as a potential buyer would and point out all the ways that it can show better to be more competitive.

Better Online Photos for Competition

Most homebuyers begin their search online. So the photos that you post have a huge bearing on whether they will rule your home out or choose to walk through it. When you stage your home, the photos are much more appealing and portray your home in the best light possible. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of buyers are influenced by online pictures and form an opinion before your house is even seen, which is why staging to increase your online images is so critical.

Homebuyers are Not Good at Visualizing

Buyers are typically not good at envisioning their furniture in a space, so creating a welcoming view is critical to selling your home for the best price possible.

Fewer Headaches

Getting your home ready to list can not only be expensive; it can be a real headache. When you stage your home, you don’t have to worry about buying new items to present better. An organizer can also help with things like a room’s layout and removing items that might distract potential homebuyers from the “big picture.”


It might be possible to write off the money that you spend on staging as a tax deduction. To find out if you can, make sure to ask an accountant whether your state has the option.

“As-is” is Not the Best Condition to Get the Most

Competition can sometimes be stiff when it comes to home selling. If you are attempting to sell during a buyer’s market, it can be extremely difficult to remain competitive against other homes that show better. Competition drives how long your house sits on the market and the final price that you get. Because of this, being competitive is an essential part of the overall selling price.

You Don’t Have to Stress!

It can be very stressful to walk around the home upgrading and making sure things look perfect. When you hire a stager, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you have done everything possible to increase the likelihood that your home will sell.
Staging your home is an excellent way to take the stress and guesswork out of the listing process. If you want to take advantage of the seller’s market that we are experiencing, call Lowcountry Staging Specialists today and let’s get your home sold in record time!