As the kids return to school, you can begin to feel the cold air making its way to the Lowcountry. Although it feels like we just said hello to summer, the fall and winter months are quickly approaching. The good news is that the real estate market in the Lowcountry is still a red-hot seller’s market, so if you are looking to buy a new home by the holidays, now is the time to pull the trigger. Since time is of the essence, why not enlist the help of a staging company and get your home on the market quicker and ready to go? Don’t just Google “staging companies near me” and choose the first one – look for one that provides these five benefits.


When it comes to home staging, it takes a healthy mix of skill, talent, and experience to get it right. Knowing how to set up a room to be welcoming is one thing; having it present well in pictures is a whole other art. 51% of home buyers find their homes while looking through online listings, which is why your images are so critical. You want to ensure that you have a professionally staged home so that people will want to see it – you don’t want them to rule it out due to your online listing!


Being able to stage a home quickly isn’t just about knowing how to place things like furniture and other accessories; it also involves having them readily available to do so. Find a staging company like Lowcountry Staging Specialists, that has trendy and updated pieces ready and waiting in our inventory. When you are ready to get your home listed, you want a company that can deliver from a full inventory so that you aren’t sitting and waiting.


Although education is not the be all and end all when it comes to home staging and decorating, having an educational background is important. A designer has to have the talent to be good, but that doesn’t stand alone. At Lowcountry Staging, we are educationally trained and we understand all aspects of home decor. Our affiliations speak volumes about maintaining our status in the industry, and our reviews and ratings are a testament to how well we do our job. To us, it isn’t just about decorating; it is about adding beauty everywhere we go.


According to statistics, it costs just about .03% to 1% of a home’s sale price to stage your home. And when you do use a stager, on average, you gain about 8 to 10% on your home’s selling price. When you do the math, you have some wiggle room to work with when hiring a stager. Hiring the most expensive will probably not ensure that you are getting the best. Going with the cheapest, however, will probably end with you getting what you pay for. At Lowcountry Staging Specialists, we don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we do try to provide competitive pricing so you get the best staging at the best price point possible.


The reason that most people end up going with a staging company is because otherwise, they have to purchase items to make their home look better, move things around themselves, and get their home ready to sell. A staging company can do it all for you, but only if they have the experience, resources, and team to do it. At Lowcountry Staging Specialists, staging is what we do for a living, and as such, we have the routine down pat to deliver the most convenient and hassle-free home staging to get your home sold quickly and for the best price possible.

As the kids return to school and the cold air rushes in, now is the time to take advantage of the fact that we are still in a red-hot seller’s market and list your home for sale so you can be in your new one by the holidays. To get your home ready to list quickly, to sell at a higher price point, and to sell it faster, let Lowcountry Staging Specialists do the heavy lifting. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming home listing.